Maximum working area dimensions

Metric (mm) +/- 0.25mm (Maximum: 625mm x 270mm); Z axis travel: 80mm

Imperial (inch) +/- 0.01" (Maximum: 24.6" x 10.6")

Use as XY (NC) Drill

There are not any perceived limitations of the drill function within the specifications stated.

Use as Router

As the XY2 is controlled by the MACH3 software, there is virtually no limit to the capabilities of the X-Y table. Obviously there are practicalities such as removal of dust/ swarf as well restraining the item which is worked upon. In additional, because the system is controlled by stepper motors there is always the possibility that the system may lose steps due to excessive torque requirements. It is up to the user (i.e. you) to ensure appropriate feeds and speeds (depth of cut) to prevent missing steps.